If you want a successful commercial real estate career, you should take your time to study all the factors that play into commercial real estate. The location, structure and type of property are important in determining the income, profits and appreciation value.  Here are some of the best commercial real estate properties that are favoured by the real estate market.

Office buildings

They are one of the most successful commercial real estate properties.  Office buildings are a great investment. When you find the best location for your real estate, you will bring in income in no time. Location is important when you want your office building to be occupied by renters fast. Developing areas with businesses and modern infrastructure are the best when you want to set up an office building.  The construction of the complex is also important when it comes to office buildings.  To maximise your profits, the building should have a layout that supports several businesses at once

Apartment buildings and multi-family homes

Apartment buildings are the most common commercial real estate property. They offer a wide range of options for both investors and tenants.  For beginners, you can start by investing in small apartment buildings and work your way up.  Apartment buildings are hard to manage; you have to hire professionals for help if you want the value of your real estate property to appreciate.  When you have established your small rental apartments and are certain you can take care of a bigger property you can invest in larger complexes to increase your profits.

Retail buildings

There are no limits when it comes to renting out a space in your retail building. Retail buildings can hold several independent businesses or one large business depending on the location and the layout. The most common retail businesses include supermarkets and shopping malls. Retail buildings can have offices, bars, studios, restaurants and pickup stations. They offer a great investment opportunity.  They also require a great deal of attention and commitment when it comes to management of the physical property and the tenants.

Industrial buildings

The size of your building can cater to different industrial plants. Large buildings can cater for large manufacturing industries while smaller ones can be used as warehouses. the layout of the building should  have sufficient storage and several office space to house the whole industry in one location. Industrial buildings generate a lot of income based on its location and demand.


If you are looking to invest in a corporate real estate business, hotels are the way to go. it is easier for investor groups to be shareholders in such a large real estate investments. Hotels require a lot of capital to run due to the daily operations and management needed. Your corporate will need to hire a management group who will work hands on to ensure the property is well taken care of.  This form of real estate investment can generate a lot of income. If you manage your finances well, you can save up and invest on a chain of hotels.

Final word

Investing in real estate will require your time and money before you start gaining some profit. If you want to make money off commercial property, you should be ready to sacrifice everything.